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How it Works

“Drop and Lock” installation
The other manhole locks consist of complex kits with multiple parts requiring assembling and complicated installation. It can take hours.

The Manhole Barrier Device is a single integral unit. Other manhole locks have multiple parts that can be lost or discarded, making re-installation difficult and costly.

Available in a variety of diameters, the Manhole Barrier Device can secure manholes of any size — even those with missing covers. It fastens to the manhole collar in a snap, and takes less than 5 minutes to install from start to finish. So your labor costs are minimal.

Rapid access for service personnel
Your service personnel receive coded keys or wrenches. The code means only authorized personnel can unlock the manhole barrier and enter the tunnel – eliminating the danger of workers from other companies or municipalities getting accidentally injured by your equipment or wiring.

The Manhole Barrier Device can be unlocked and removed in 30 seconds. So your workers can gain quick access when your system needs service.





1. Remove existing manhole cover.

2. Install Manhole Barrier Unit. Line up Penta Bolt holes.

3. Using "T" wrench, rotate key lock until you feel resistance, then applying slight additional pressure, the unit will lock against walls. Do not over-tighten.

4. Replace manhole cover


Take the next step

Ask us about our free Manhole Security Audit. Based on the number and size of manholes in your infrastructure, and the type of operation you are securing, we'll show you what it will cost to protect your system with the Manhole Barrier System … and the potential cost savings and return on investment our added degree of underground security can generate.

For more information … and a FREE Manhole Security Audit… contact Manhole Barrier Security Systems Inc. toll-free at today. No cost or obligation, of course.

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