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The Gorilla
The Gorilla is the only kind of manhole cover lifter on the market. The weight of competing cover lifters causes extreme pressure on one's lower back, leading to various injuries each year. Over one hundred million workdays are lost each year to back injuries. The cost to insurance companies and employee's compensation reaches beyond ten billion dollars, resulting in an overall profit loss to the employer. This lightweight, collapsible, and easy to use option is here to ease the pain. The hydraulic system will relieve the pressure on the back, while the cost-effective product will ease the strain on the wallet.

The keying system is unique for each customer. Keys are coded and available as T-wrenches or speed wrenches (HSDA). The coded design can be customized to a customer’s design and the keys can be embossed with a customer’s logo. The T-wrench operates just like a key whereby turning it locks and unlocks the Manhole Barrier Device.

High Speed Drill Attachment (HSDA)
Simply attach to your power drill to speed installation or removal of Manhole Barrier Device.



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